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Machinations of a Docile Dragon

The semester is almost over

I've gone through my first semester keeping good grades. All I have left is to right a short paper and study for one more exam. Then I get to go home.

Still here
Haven't posted in a while--I've been really busy with schoolwork. But I'm still here.

one more day!
Just one more day until college. I feel like there is so much I haven't done. Oh well.

It's coming in too fast!

My God, only 9 days left...and I still need to clean my room. Haven't heard from my roommate yet--he must be on vacation. I'm very excited for college. I have a three-day freshmen orientation program, and on the sunday before classes begin QUAD DAY! And then there's class. But still, I know I'll have fun and do well in college. As they say in Italy (and Spain and Mexico possibly), Ciao!

The clock is ticking, and only Jack Bauer can save us now

Meanwhile at The Legion of Doom...
Damn... only one month left til college. Still, I know I will have fun and will do well with my studies. I will also strive to be an active member of CHUFF.


Summer Has Come, or, Why Is It So Hot in Illinois?
Summer is here,  and it is hot (funny, since I came from Texas). Well, that's nature for ya. Always unpredictable. Along with the heat, there were also some violent storms in the area...on Wednesday there was a tornado east of me.
In other news, I had the opportunity to portray the mascot of a local baseball team on Thursday. They want me back as well!
I still have not met any other furs, but I am optimistic for this August. Hopefully, there could be events near my dorm. I may be able to attend a LAFF bowling event, if my parents allow it (I'm still stuck at home...it has its pros and cons). Anyway, this is Lucas "Dynamo" Fox signing off.

School's out for summer!

I graduated a couple weeks ago and I am now looking ahead to August, when I will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign. I got a job at my local park district as their mascot--in fact, I will be portraying the character tomorrow night. Right now my internet connection is  switching on and off and I'm pretty sure I have around 10 million or so page faults for ie 8 (it's a pile of crap--high cpu usage and kernel times, and huge memory leaks). Despite my computerized conundrums I am quite happy right now. I'm hoping to be a part of CHUFF when I'm down state and meet other furs.

Close to graduation
Very soon i will graduate! Also, I just bought Ironclaw, hope to play it sometime.

Spring Break
Spring Break is over. I had a lot of fun relaxing for a change. I had my teeth bleached as well (not as fun). I also got into U of I recently.

College Acceptance and Avatar
I've been accepted to two colleges! Still waiting to hear from U of I... February 19 is the big day!
I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D last night. I really enjoyed it. It was an amazing experience.


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