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Machinations of a Docile Dragon

Two Weeks!
Twwwooo Weeeeekssss.

Two more weeks until I go back to school. 4.0 this semester...that was awesome. Still working on my story, probably changed from making a fursuit to commissioning one after realizing I just won't have the time in grad school. Here's hoping I get into Stanford! I hear there's a cool crowd around the San Fran area, both in physics and costuming.

I've been thinking...
Maybe I should go outside more often :P
Also start reading, writing, and drawing more often too.

Summer Break
Summer Break is here...third of the way done. Perhaps too fast, methinks.

Planning my first fursuit.
I've decided to make a fursuit of Flammie from the Secret of Mana! Just have to raise funds and wait untill I have a place of my own to fit the stuff. (dorm rooms don't work well)

Halloween fursuiting and furmeet
Going to my first furmeet soon. Kinda nervous, but I know it will be fun.

EDIT: couldn't go because of my monday night class. That stinks. >:(

School is great!
I feel great when my homework...well...works. My physics major is really working out. (Quiz tomorrow but eh, what can you do). Oh and there's a midterm on my birthday. Followed by a problem session for another class. Happy Birthday.

In other news, my family may be over 1000 years old.  Viking warrior heritage perhaps?

I also completely discarded my old fursona. Got a new one, and I am actually bothering to flesh it out this time.

half of my summer is gone

where did it go?

Summer Vacation!
Finally done with my first year of college! Now I can relax.

Happy Day

Did well on my second Physics midterm so I am happy!

I'm still alive
I sorely underestimated this semester. It is ALOT more time consuming than the last one (hence the lack of updates). I got a new fursuit now, and I hope to wear it at a con someday. I'll be moving to California hopefully by summer, though I will still attend UIUC. Maybe I can go to Califur next year! I hope to go to a CHUFF coffee meet sometime, if I'm not to busy with homework. But man is there a lot of homework! Well that's what I get for being a physics major.


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